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Tawa Hardly Athletic

ACFC, originally known as AC United 2, was started in 2014 in response to more interest than spaces available in the original AC United squad, as well as some getting a bit longer in the tooth, who were not quite ready to make the step up to the Masters’ leagues. Creating a second AC United team allowed for the principles and values to be carried on, with more of an emphasis on having fun. 


In that first season, a highlight was the final game against the North Wellington Sinners. The result had no bearing on the league title that was already in the bag, but for AC2 they entered the game with 4 players still to add their names to the scoresheet, and they were determined to right this wrong. Long story short, all 4 players scored, along with a hat-trick from Jason Trimble in what was to be an emphatic 10-0 win. 


After clinching the Capital 14 title, the second season saw AC2 swap leagues with the former Tawa Saints. From here, they gradually gained promotion to their current competition in Wellington 3 (or Cap 7 under the old structure). Nowadays the team is made up of a new generation of players who put comradery and fun as the priority, which is evident when the team come off the pitch smiling, no matter the result.  

Leon Raeburn

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