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Tawa Bears

The Tawa Bears return for our 33rd year of football in Wellington’s premier social footballing league, Wellington 1. Folklore tales passed through generations of Bears players say the team was originally meant to be named the Tawa Beers but a typical administration error resulted in the team's name being submitted as the Bears. For some of the old timers around the club some of the team traditions remain alive including dick of the day, bear bags and sculling of bears in the fastest time to celebrate important team and personal milestones.  

We carry a large squad heading into the season with 20 players, sixteen of which are returning from 2020 with 4 new additions into the high-performance setup. Our marquee double Romijn signing of Karl and Gary see the decibel reading increase in the changing room exceed recommended levels. Matt Keig joins us from Mana Plumbing and Sven Dawidowski finalises his transfer from Porirua City two years after the paper work was submitted to Capital Football.  

The teams goal this year is to win the fair play award and be the “friendliest” team in the league. This is going to take extensive discipline from the team including taping Jason Bellman’s mouth, deterring Aaron McCash’s regular red mist and the extensive man management of three Romijns.    

The Bears look forward to the 2021 season and thank the tireless work of those behind the scenes keeping those “bears” chilled in the fridge.  

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