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Tawa Bulldogs

Well, a number of years back I helped out playing for the Bulldogs when they were short. At the time I would never have dreamed that I would take on my first Senior Football Managers role with the Doggies for the 2021 season while trying to dispel the myth of ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”  How wrong could they be... 

Two weeks before the start of the season there was only a handful of players.   Matt Gotleib took on the “Lead”-ership role of Captain and we managed to pull a “pack of dogs” together and “Let the Dogs Out!” 

Thankfully the players that came together just ooze talent and the stats have spoken for themselves. Starting the first half of the season in the Wellington 2 league we won the cup.  With Thomas between the sticks and with “His bark is worse than his bite”, the defence line up of Robin, Josh, Matt A, Matt G, George and Aiden, the team only let in 8 goals in 9 games.   

The midfield who work tirelessly are made up of Liam, Richard, Adam, Cody and Croads. They say “Every dog has its day” and Tim has certainly had a number of those banging in 17 goals in 9 games including 4 hat tricks which saw us score 42 goals, winning 8 games and drawing 1.   

To the lads that have had potentially season ending injuries; Adam, Bok, Gareth, Thomas and Vincent thanks for being a part of team and we wish you speedy recoveries. 

Now we have moved into Division 1, been struggling to field a team week to week all Matty G and myself can ask is the core Doggies stick together keep turning up and playing the way you have been playing, you are quality players and when we get a full complement of players, we can beat quality teams.  Well done lads, what a season so far!


Bill Smith - Manager   

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