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Tawa College Football

With all college sport, schools go through cycles. Teams start young and play together for a few years until they graduate, then a whole new team is brought together starting a new cycle. Tawa College is at the beginning of a new cycle. This year the Tawa College boy's 1st XI is effectively a brand new team with only two year 13 players and only a handful of 1st team players from 2020. The team are also being led by a new coach. With a new cycle comes challenges, but also comes creativity. With no preconceived way of doing things, the team are hoping to catch schools by surprise this season by changing the way things have been done in the past. 


Everything about the team this season is new. Beyond just the players and coach, the team have a new training program, new equipment, and even new kits proudly sponsored by Voong's Bakery, Collective Real Estate and Outlet City. The sponsors this year have allowed the team to steer clear of the old uniforms and now dress up each game day in a personalised design from Football Central, as well as new training kits and tracksuits, all sporting the Tawa College branding and colours. 


This years' main goal is to build a solid foundation for the next three years of the cycle, and of course to win football games. After an intensive pre-season period, the team are playing cohesively and confidently as we begin our season. We always knew that the start of the season was going to be difficult as we go through grading games to determine which grade we play the remainder of the year in. This early in the season, we're taking one game at a time and allowing the process to place us in whichever league we qualify for. 


Although young, the team is full of skill and will be one to be feared. Each week we get better and become more in sync as a team. It's an exciting time to be a part of Tawa College football! 

Oliver Elms

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