Girls in Football

Tawa Junior Football are proud to support the girls within our club and any interested future female players. The committee appointed Nicola Griffin as Girl’s Development Officer early in 2021 with the aim to provide a dedicated focus in this area.


Along with providing a strong advocate for girls in football, the position has provided a contact point in two key areas:

  • For Capital Football to offer specific training and other opportunities to female players

  • For parents and caregivers of girls in our community to share comments and concerns specific to our girls


Tawa Football are supported by Capital Football and agree with their Women’s Strategy to change Women’s Football from being seen as ‘development area’ to a ‘strategic priority’.

Tawa Football will offer the option for girls to play in a girls’ only league on Sundays in 2022. The club will work to remove barriers for girls that wish to play in both Saturday and Sunday leagues.

To read more about Capital Football’s Women’s Strategy: Capital Football Women’s Strategy

During 2021, we have offered the opportunity for girls to attend:

  • Capital Football Women’s and Girl’s Strategy Launch

  • U12 – U14 Girls Capital Development League Open Days

  • Tawa Football Girl’s Day

  • Tawa Football 50th Celebration – Women’s first and second team’s games

  • Capital Football National Women’s League games as ball girls


Looking forward to 2022, Tawa Junior Football are committing to offering more options to further support the girls in our club. As well as mixed teams in the Saturday league, we will also offer the option for girls to play in the girls only league on Sundays. We hope by doing so we will be able to increase the number of female players and retain them for a long football career.

Click here for more information about the girls only football competition and to register for the 2022 season.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Nicola Griffin
Girl’s Development Officer