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Tawa Football Club is committed to providing a safe environment for players, officials and spectators alike, and will be adhering to all requirements as set out under the Covid-19 Protection Framework and guidance as provided by NZ Football.

As per the recent changes to the rules under the Red setting;

  • Vaccine passes will no longer be a requirement for football matches and training. Vaccination is recommended for participants but is not required.

  • There are no limits to outdoor gathering size

  • You do not need to wear a face mask outdoors, but they are still required in most indoor settings

  • There is no requirement to scan in at venues

  • Hospitality settings still apply for clubrooms

For more information on the most recent updates please visit

Returning to Football after Covid

It is recommended that players, managers and coaches that are returning to football after having covid take extra precautions to avoid ongoing issues due to long covid:

  • Keep their first initial fitness activity to 15 minutes max and then increase from there. For the first 2 weeks post covid, training and play should be less intense. Intensity and duration should increase gradually.

  • Manage their own health needs - take rests when needed.

  • Seek medical advice if experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath and/or have a rapid or irregular heart beat.


Returning to physical activity and exercise after covid 19 (Govt recommended)

Safe return to physical activity after covid 19

Returning to physical activity after covid 19

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