Can my child play up or down a grade?

In line with Regulation 3, section 2.2 of the Capital Football Junior Playing Regulations and other junior football clubs from the Capital Football region, Tawa Junior Football requires male players to play in their correct age grade, or in the case of girls they may play one grade below their age grade.  This allows children to play against players from other teams of a like size and skill ability.
There are some exceptions to this:

> Once registrations have closed, any grades that have a large number of players per team (e.g. 4 or 5 subs) may have some players moved up/down a grade to form a combined team.

> In exceptional circumstances a player demonstrating elite ability may be given dispensation to play up at the discretion of the Junior Club Captain and Capital Football.

> Players who have a physical or learning disability may play in a lower grade suitable for their ability, with the approval of the Junior Club Captain and Capital Football.

Each exception or approved dispensation will be for the current season only and will be reviewed the following year.  

Each individual dispensation or exception to play up or down a grade is required to be submitted to and approved by Capital Football.


What if our game is cancelled or transferred?

Cancellations will be placed by Capital Football on their website http://www.capitalfootball.org.nz/ Fixture and Results


Which grounds will my child be playing at?

First Kicks (4-6yrs) is played on Saturday mornings (9.00-10.00) on the main field at Grenada North Park.  Entrance is off Nassau Ave, opposite 10/12 Nassau Ave.  Park in the carpark and walk past the buildings to the main ground (the small fields in the center of the image below).


Fun Football (U7- U8 grades) is also played on Saturday mornings (9.00 – 10.00) at the Grenada North #1 field. Every third week you will travel to either Johnsonville, Karori or Whitby for a ‘Festival Day’ where our teams play against other Club’s teams. The playing schedules for the Festival Days will be advised 2 or 3 days prior to the weekend.

Mini and Youth Football U9 - Youth grades) ground venue and playing times will be available from the http://www.capitalfootball.org.nz/ Fixture and Results

In the image above;
– Grades 9 & 10 play on the four fields (F1 – F4) off Caribbean Drive. (top of the image)
– Grades 11 and 12 play on the two fields (F5 & F6) up past the main field (bottom of the image)

Training is generally conducted on the fields at Grenada North on the middle / main field or at the Club’s Indoor Training center at Grenada Park.  Your teams’ Coach will advise the location and time.

Information for Ground closures can be accessed https://wellington.govt.nz/recreation/sports/sportsgrounds/status


What uniform is required? Where do I purchase from?

The Club requires all players from U7 grade up to wear a Tawa Club playing uniform.  This consists of red shorts, red socks, football boots, shin pads and a playing shirt.
First Kicks (4 – 6 year olds) can wear any appropriate shorts and socks plus the First Kicks T-shirt purchased through the Club supplier – this is currently Football Central https://footballcentral.co.nz/.  While boots are not required, they are recommended during the colder wetter months to help protect the feet.

Shirt – the Club supplies an approved football shirt for all players U7 grade and above. These remain the property of the club and are required to be returned at the end of the season. Please take care of your shirt as you may be invoiced the cost of a new shirt if yours is lost or damaged.

Shorts and socks – players from U7 grade and above will need to provide their own red shorts and red socks.  These can be purchased from Football Central https://footballcentral.co.nz/

Shin pads – these are compulsory at all levels from First Kicks and are to be worn underneath socks.

The supplier of uniform for Tawa Junior Football is https://footballcentral.co.nz/ which is located at the Unit 1, 3 Raiha Street, Elsdon, Porirua 5022

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