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The Vets

This year marks a very special and significant milestone for Tawa AFC. One of its teams has reached its 30th year of playing competitive Masters football in the Wellington Region. That team is the Tawa Vets! The team is a mixture of hardened veterans, who live and breathe the Vets crest, and now "young" talent, who bring energy, agility, and the beers!


Looking back on the past 30 years, what makes the Tawa Vets special is the love we have for our club and the people. Our team culture has, and will continue to be founded on passion for the game, the enjoyment we have as players wearing the red jersey, and togetherness in times of triumph and despair. Our goal for this season is to continue playing consistent, positive football. The future of the team is bright and full of success so long as we as players never forgot that we have always played for the team.    


Come on the Vets!

Contact: Andrew

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