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Under 7s and Under 8s Fun Football

Children turning 7 in the calendar year will be in Under 7s and those turning 8 in the calendar year will be in Under 8s.

Players are allocated into teams which they will remain in for the duration of the season. The idea is to have teams that are evenly balanced, whilst also allowing children to play with their friends where possible.

Teams will ideally have around 7 players. Games are 5-a-side, do not include a goalkeeper, and are played with a size 3 ball.

Fun Football is always played on a Saturday morning, with a 3 week rotation.


The first 2 Saturdays will be at Grenada North at 9am, where teams will participate in some general movement and technical skills activities, before playing games against the other Tawa teams. 

Every 3rd Saturday will be a 'Festival round' hosted by one of the local clubs (Western Suburbs, Karori, or Onslow) where teams will play 4 x 12 min matches against sides from other clubs.

This 3 week rotation will continue throughout the season.

Under 8s teams will also have a mid-week training session.

Fun Football focuses on increasing the skills of the players and their enjoyment of the game. Skills include general movement and coordination, football technique and football coordination.  The small sided games allow children to practice these skills in a team situation getting lots of touches on the ball in each game.

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