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Under 9s and Under 10s Mini Football

Children turning 9 in the calendar year will be in Under 9s and those turning 10 in the calendar year will be in Under 10s.

Players are allocated into teams which they will remain in for the duration of the season. As per recent guidelines from NZ Football there will not be any trials in U9 and U10 grades, and no "A Team" will be selected. Teams will instead be chosen so as to be relatively even where possible, with an emphasis on continuity and keeping players in the same team from one year to the next.

Games are 7-a-side, including a goalkeeper, and are played with a size 4 ball.

Competition matches are played on Saturdays, with each team playing 2 x 25 minute games. Teams can be re-graded over the course of the season to ensure they are playing against other sides at a similar level to themselves.

Teams will also have mid-week training, either at Grenada North Park, or another local venue.

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