Health and Safety 



Just a quick reminder in regards to Health & Safety, we are now ensuring all accidents & incidents are recorded on our Health & safety register.  


As a club we want to ensure a safe, fun environment for all. If all managers & coaches can please remember to please advise us if there are such occurrences, we can then manage this better as a club.  


First and foremost is the safety of those involved, just a quick email/message with details is all that is required to allow follow up with those involved when possible. 


Details needed: 

- Date and time of the incident or accident, 


- The persons name, age and address, 


- Nature and date of the accident or incident, 


- Cause of the accident or incident? 


- Person(s) notified? 


- Name of person filling out the register. 


Please email/message Kirsten or Jan for any reporting or any queries and we will come back to you. 


Football has a high number of head knocks/concussions and these can be quite serious if there is any doubt please ensure the player is managed by a team mate / partner or friend and gets checked out if need be. For any serious accidents an ambulance is best called or a trip to A&E to be checked out by a professional. Any players with concussion should be managed back into playing once cleared. 

Below are some links where you can find some information: 



Fit4Football is a player welfare and prevention programme for our everyday athletes. It provides support mechanisms for enhancing player performance, injury prevention, welfare and wellbeing. The programme, which was developed by New Zealand Football in partnership with ACC SportSmart, is centred around the nine key principles: 



* Player profiling                           * Mental well-being and psychology 

* Physical conditioning                 * Athlete environment 

* Injuries, including concussion  * Nutrition 

* Target populations                     * Player wear and gear 

* Skill and technique 



Concussion Policy

Injuries and Concussion

Concussion and Head Injuries

Signs and Symptoms 

Other resources 


Kirsten Williams 

Tawa AFC Health & Safety Coordinator