Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to encourage a safe, equitable and enjoyable environment for all members of Tawa Association Football Club (Tawa AFC).

As an affiliate of New Zealand Football (NZF), all Tawa AFC members are also subject to rules outlined in the NZF Code of Conduct. The NZF Code of Conduct is a comprehensive document that refers to players, referees, spectators and parents, and should act as a first point of reference for rules regarding member conduct. The Tawa AFC Code of Conduct aligns with the NZF Code of Conduct. ​

At Tawa AFC we have 3 key ideas that guide our behaviour;

  • Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of others

  • Respect the officials of the game

  • Be a positive representative of the Club

​Safety of our tamariki (children)

​We are a family-friendly club that includes adult and junior members and their families. This means at any given time there are likely to be children playing in the vicinity of the park and clubrooms. It is important that all children have an assigned guardian and are supervised in a manner appropriate to their age and ability.

Lines of Communication 

If for some reason an incident occurs, please follow the appropriate lines of communication as below;